Zabłocka Brine Mist

Dr Zabłocka brine mist is a natural mineral water with app. 3,5% dr Zabłocka Curative Salt concentration. The brine is biologically pure, as it is extracted from 500 meters below the face of the earth in a town called Dębowiec in the southern Poland. Zabłocka brine strengthens immune system, provides human organism with iodine, and eliminates its shortages.

Dr Zablocka brine was formed millions of years ago when a part of praocean with its plant and animal life included, had broken into the ground (as a result of tectonic movements) and was trapped under thick layers of rocks. The brine was formed by the slow decomposition of the organic substances, until it became 3.5% solution – a typical sea salt concentration, and exceptionally rich, as well as, globally unique chemical composition.

One liter of dr Zablocka brine contains more than 110 mg of iodine, 130 mg of bromine, 800 mg calcium, 400 mg magnesium. The iodine content of Zabłocka brine is the highest known in the world, among the natural saline solutions. Furtherore, the particularly valuable property of dr Zablocka Brine is that the elements are in a state of chemical equilibrium, which remarkably facilitates their absorption into the body. The brine is biologically pure, because for millions of years it had no contact with the outside world. What is more, due to its exceptionally high mineralization, the chemical composition of dr Zablocka brine bears some features of the sea products.

The underground resources of dr Zablocka brine were first exploited in 1960s by the Polish sanatorium in Ustroń Zdrój. They were used there in the treatment of rheumatic, neurological, and respiratory track ailments.

The effectiveness of dr Zablocka brine in the treatment of the aforementioned ailments is a result of its natural mineral composition, especially of the high loads of iodine, bromine, calcium and magnesium. As, iodine causes mucus thinning. Bromine soothes irritation, causes bronchodilation and facilitates breathing. Calcium and magnesium act as anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory agents. Thanks to that properties, dr Zablocka brine is used for years both in the medical and home treatment of sinuses, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs diseases, applied for inhalations and for throat and mouth rinse.

Dr Zablocka brine also provides an effective home treatment for strep throat, runny nose, colds, coughs, flu, aft, fungal infections of the oral cavity and periodontal ailments.

Dr Zabłocka brine mist is a  product designed both for children and adults.

Indications for the use of Zablocka Brine Mist are:

– preventive therapy and treatment of the respiratory track ailments

– chronic rhinitis, and inflammation of throat, larynx, bronchi and lungs

– perioperative treatment of respiratory track

– emphysema, pneumoconiosis and asthma

– enrichment of the air with iodine

– humidification and clearing of the air from allergens

Contraindications for use of Zablocka brine mist are: cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, all diseases accompanied with hemoptysis and bleeding, hyperthyroidism and allergy to iodine. In terms of these conditions application of brine for inhalations should be consulted with a doctor.


The task of inhalations is to provide the proper hydration of the respiratory track and elimination of the bacterial, viral and fungal infections. In addition to that inhalations helps in mucus dilution and extension of the narrowed airways. What is more, by the inhalation of dr Zabłocka brine mist one can enjoy the properties of the seaside climate in one’s own home.

In the home conditions it is best to use physiological solutions with approx. 1% salt concentration. To obtain such solution mix dr Zablocka Brine Mist with water in a ratio of 1 to 2. In order to get the stronger effect one can use dr Zablocka Brine Mist without dilution. Inhalations can also be conducted in the devices designed for this purpose. In such cases dr Zablocka Brine Mist should be used according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of device.


Excellent results in the prevention of aphthae, as well as, throat and periodontal diseases can be obtained by rinsing the mouth with dr Zabłocka brine mist. Especially beneficial effects can be get by rinsing at the first sign of a disease. Rinses can be performed several times a day, after every meal, and after brushing your teeth.


Dr zablocka brine mist can also be used in order to provide the proper hydration and ionization of the heating and air-conditioned buildings. For such purpose, dr Zablocka brine mist can be used in devices for humidification, fountains and mini graduation towers. In periods of severe allergic reactions and increased incidence of throat diseases dr Zabłocka brine mist can be sprayed indoors.

Content of microelements:


  • iodines               120 mg/kg                  
  • bromines            160 mg/kg
  • silicates              11,6 mg/kg
  • bicarbonates       61 mg/kg
  • chlorides             23000 mg/kg
  • sulfurs                2,7 mg/kg


  • calcium           1170 mg/kg
  • magnesium     516 mg/kg
  • potassium       86,5 mg/kg
  • iron                0,44 mg/kg
  • sodium           13100mg/kg
  • strontium         44,8 mg/kg

A physico-chemical analysis of  Zablocka drbrine from the well St-5 completed on 10/29/2014 by the Central Mining Institute Laboratory of Water Analysis
Appearance: Water clear, colorless
Smell: specific
Taste: salty
Conductivity: 53400 mS / cm

Brief introduction to the Zablocki Brine Nebula