Zabłocka Iodine-Bromine Thermal Salt

Dr Zabłocka iodine-bromine Thermal Salt is a highly mineralized natural salt extracted from the thermal water deposits in Dębowiec in the southern Poland. Dr Zabłocka thermal salt is produced during the long boiling of dr Zabłocka brine mist and its gradual concentration until the water is completely evaporated and the salt is cristallized.

Zabłocka iodine-bromine Thermal Salt is the salt with the highest in the word iodine concentration. Zabłocka iodine-bromine thermal salt is also rich in bromine, calcium, magnesium, silicon, selenium, and almost all other trace elements. Traditional methods of production enable thermal salt to preserve its exceptionally rich and unique in the world scale chemical content. 

Content of microelements:


  • iodines                1130 mg/kg                  
  • bromines            1460 mg/kg
  • silicates               75,9 mg/kg
  • nitrates               17,1 mg/kg
  • chlorides             608100 mg/kg
  • sulfides               972 mg/kg
  • fluorides             < 2 mg/kg


  • calcium                 8190 mg/kg
  • magnesium          4200 mg/kg
  • potassium           1300 mg/kg
  • iron                      10,3 mg/kg
  • sodium                377400 mg/kg
  • strontium            386 mg/kg
  • ammonium          158 mg/kg
  • manganese          10,1 mg/kg

Dr Zablocka thermal salt applied to baths in homeconditions will:

  • strengthen body’s immune system
  • complement iodine deficiency (alleviate symptoms of hypothyroidism)
  • alleviate the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, rashes, psoriasis, asthma and alergy
  • speed up metabolism and the process of weight loosing
  • eradicate baterial infections of vagina, bladder and urinary tract (thanks to its antiseptic properties)
  • support treatment of viral infections (e.g. herpes)
  • eliminate fungal infections of  vagina, skin, feet and nails
  • alleviate stress and nervous tension, facilitate falling asleep
  • eliminate excessive sweating of skin, feet, hands and armpits, as well as, remove the unpleasant smell of sweat
  • support the treatment of rheumatic, neurological, dermatological , gynecological, laryngological and respiratory tract diseases


For years dr Zablocka thermal salt is used  in hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy and balneology. Baths with the usage of dr Zablocka salt are performed in many sanatoriumsspas and rehabilitation centers.


They are performed in nursing houses, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. In the home conditions, therapeutic baths can have preventive or treatment supporting effect.  Adding even such small amount as one cup of dr Zablocka thermal salt to each bath will bring noticeable effects, and create coastal microclimate in the bathroom. Therapeutic effects of such baths depend on the type of disease, its severity, previous therapy, concentration of the bath solution, bath temperature and its duration.

Therapeutic baths are usually performed in a solution of 1% to 5%. Baths in a higher concentration should be performed under medical supervision. Cleansing and detoxification baths are performed in a concentration that exceeds 6%. A solution of 1can be obtained by adding1 kg of salt to 100 liters of water. Similarly, a solution of 3% is obtained by adding 3 kg of salt to 100 liters of water. therapeutic baths should be performed in the temperature36 – 38 °C in a series of 10, carried out every other day, two times a year, or once during acute symptoms.


Such baths delay the process of skin aging, through its proper moisturizing, nourishing and smoothingThey reduce visibility of cellulite, stretch marksswelling and acne. Cosmetic baths enhance softening of the hardened skin structure and provide a pleasant warming effect.

Cosmetic baths are performed in the beauty salonsbeauty farmswellness centers and spas. Still with dr Zablocka thermal salt they can also be prepared in home conditions.

Such baths are usually carried out in solutions from 0,2 to 1,5salt concentration – depending on the skin type and individual needs. Bath should last from 10 up to 30 minutesand the temperature of the solution should be between 37 and 39 °C.


Dr Zablocka salts and brine can be used in hot tubs (only if it is not prohibited by the bath manufacturer). Such application will raise significantly qualities and attractions of the bath, as well asstrengthen the stimulus and bath effects. Dr Zablocka salts and brine are 100% natural product that do not contain dyes, perfumes, emulsifiers, preservatives and impurities that can precipitate deposits and  damage the tub.


During such baths significant parts of the body are immersed in a therapeutic solution. Therefore the influence of the bathing stimulus on the organism is greater.


Application of the wetted salt directly on skin will renew it and sooth its irriatation.