Zabłocka Algae-Thermal Salt

Dr Zabłocka algae-thermal salt is a mixture of dr Zabłocka thermal salt, atlantic algae (laminaria digitata) and essential oils. Bathing in this unique mixture moisturizes, nourishes, smoothens and firms skin. It also slows down the processes of skin ageing and provides feeling of relaxation.

The unique recipe of this SPA product was created in cooperation with the algae production leading French laboratory that processes algae of the highest quality harvested in the Bay of Biscay.
Dr Zablocka algae-thermal salt fragrance is composition of French essential oils that provide skin with pleasant and long-lasting aroma.

Dr Zablocka algae-thermal salt is used in spas, as well as in domestic conditions. Regular baths bring dazzling effect thanks to the synergy of the nutritive, moisturizing, soothing and regenerating value of atlantic algae and dr Zablocka thermal salt, combined with the relaxing effect of aromatherapy. Turquoise-green water color evokes the image of volcanic, oceanic islands and captivating fragrance directs thoughts towards paradise beaches of the Seychelles, the Caribbean, Tahiti or Maldives. Such home-made SPA baths thanks to its deep moisture formula provides noticeably beautiful skin, as well as its pleasant smell and long-lasting feeling of freshness and relaxation.

Adantages of the SPA baths in dr Zablocka Algae-thermal Salt

–  deeply moisturizes, nourishes, smoothes and firms skin
–  renews the skin and soothes the irritation
–  reduces excess fat in the skin and subcutaneous tissue
–  shapes the body and reduces body weight
–  eliminates fatigue and swelling of limbs
–  regulates metabolism of water in human organism
–  softens hardened skin structure
–  is tan activator with protective action
–  provides long-lasting feeling of freshness

Dr Zabłocka Algae-thermal Salt can be used for SPA baths both in the normal bathtubes as well as those with a hot tub. Depending on personal preference use from 50 gr (a handful) of up to 1kg of salt for a bath. The more salt is used for a single bath the stimulus effect and results will be greater.